Minimize: Allergies are the Best

Allergies are the best. Stay with me. My allergies forced me to find alternatives for many things.  In finding the alternatives, let’s just say I saved money too!

  • Room air freshener – White vinegar in a glass mason jar. It literally cleans that lingering puppy fart smell.   Another fun option is a mason jar with fresh coffee grounds. 
  • Weed killer – Vinegar in a spray bottle.  Found it works the best if the ground as already moist.  
  • Facial Toner – 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts water.
  • Mouthwash – mix hydrogen peroxide with water, swish, and then swish with just water.
  • Clothes –  Need to remove a stain or brighten light colors?  Add hydrogen peroxide.   Have that stinky gym/practice smell?  Add vinegar. 

Some other tips regardless of you have allergies:

  • Wash your vacuum –  Not all parts are washable but for those that are, wash them!  The parts that cannot be washed, wipe them down.  Not only will it help with allergies but the vacuum will work better. 
  • Move your furniture –  Literally move your furniture at least twice a year to clean underneath it.  If the thought of moving that much stuff freaks you out, consider decluttering first.   If moving the furniture is too hard all by yourself, think about breaking the furniture down.  Can drawers be removed?  Can the bed be taken apart layer by layer? 

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