Maximize: Fall Eqiunox Routine

If you are in the northern hemisphere, fall is nearing. Starbucks released their pumpkin spice everything towards the end of August! Kids are going back to school with bus traffic on the way to work! Now is the time to get ready for fall, not write off summer, but get a couple things done in advance. Here is what I do for each season.

Mini KonMari – I will take about an hour or two to go through all the KonMari categories at my home. Life happens. Things get inside your space that you may not have intended on them being there. I like to complete this before the Equinox.
Check out The Spark Joy Podcast on Episode 94 on how to do a mini KonMari tidying event.

Show Notes:

“Today’s Quick Tips episode will focus on a strategy for post-tidy maintenance we call KonMari Lite.

“The beauty of Marie Kondo’s Method is your KonMari tidying event, when executed properly, gets you to a place where you are surrounded by only the things that spark joy. So what happens when down the road your joy changes? Your maintenance strategy may be in need of a KonMari Lite. Today we’ll walk through scenarios where KonMari Lite is appropriate after your initial tidying journey comes to an end and how to approach this transition.

Equinox Meditation – Meditate on September 23rd to celebrate the Fall Equinox. Look to your local yoga studio to offer a special event or to the internet. Meditation helps thank the previous season, express gratitude, and look forward to the next season.

Open all the Windows and Doors – Air in your home gets stagnate. Open all the windows and doors! Depending on the temperature of the season, I like to have the windows and doors open for at least one solid hour.

Do you do anything special for the change of season?

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