Book Review: Sisu: The Finnish Art of Courage by Joanna Nylund


Just completed Joanna Nylund‘s Sisu and WOW!Β  From Goodreads I present to you the perfect review of exactly how I felt after reading this book.

Natalie Carbery wrote:

“This is also a book that doesn’t waste time with a complete home makeover to ~clear your mind~ (and your wallet). There is no focus on the material aspects of Scandinavian life. In the pages other books would devote to lampshades and throw rugs Sisu discusses important historical figures. A politician who gave more power to his people? Check. How about an explorer and mountain climber? Yup. Olympic athletes? Yes.

“But hold up–not all of the examples are Finns! That’s right! Sisu recognizes that this important attribute was named by Finns but not entirely claimed by them. I give you page 144-5. My historical boo, August Landmesser, had so much sisu that he gets a section in this book. Who is August Landmesser? Landmesser is photo famous. At a Nazi rally in 1936 in Hamburg, Germany, Landmesser stands with his arms crossed in a sea of people hailing Hitler. His silent protest is the essence of sisu.

“So if you need a dose of hearty boldness or a voice to reaffirm that you are the baddest bitch on your block, pick up this book.


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