Maximize: Apparently Creativity Breeds More Creativity

Remember my co-workers desk full of balloons and pool toys. Well other coworker have been hinting some ideas that they would like when they go away on vacation.

So far I decorated one desk as the crazy cat lady with many pictures of my coworkers favorite cat along with some hand drawn art and sayings. Another got a welcome back door decoration in a camping theme with an RV, trees, and campfire. The future plans for another 1980s themed birthday party complete with silly string and magic 8 ball.

I got to thinking about creativity. I started this blog to share my no shopping/ minimalism/ tips tricks stuff I learned along the way. Before I started decorating office cubes, I would go a day or so without inspiration. Now with my creative juices flowing, I have 20 days worth of posts!

What is your favorite creative thing to do?

Here are the pictures that were all around the crazy cat lady’s desk. She was speechless and thrilled!

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