Minimize: Self Care of Deleting Contacts

I just deleted a contact. The back story is not important. For about four weeks, I avoided a “friend” and months prior distanced myself.

Last night I turned to my husband and said, “she called again.” He knows the back story. He took my phone and looked for an option to block her phone calls and text messages. That option was no where to be found.

I took my phone back and just deleted her.

With my new-found call blocking app. I won’t have to deal with calls. With my texting app, her texts are black listed.

Sometimes you need to do this to take care of yourself.

4 thoughts on “Minimize: Self Care of Deleting Contacts

  1. I was thinking of something similar lately, old photos I have from high school. I keep them in a box along with other memories and such, but I don’t even talk to the people in the photos anymore yet I hesitate to throw them out. I think I want to throw the photos out to free up more space in the box but… Maybe I’ll know when the time is right.


      1. I suppose I could also take pictures of the pictures (or scan them) and just keep it digitally, too. That would make it easier.

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  2. Weird you could not figure out how to block the number,but it is easy on my phone as you just tap and hold until the caller info highlights and a sperate prompt pops up for you to select what you want to do.
    When I changed phones I lost 95% of my contacts and if anyone is waiting for me, they will have a long wait. Lol

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