Best Podcast of the Week (8/19/19) Recovered Shopaholic + Workaholic

Listening to Jennifer Burger’s past on the Sustainable Minimalist Podcast really hit me hard. Working to shop was my life.

Here are the show notes from this episode:

Does the slow living movement intrigue you? If you recently went on a summer vacation you know it’s true: A slow, intentional life feels right.

Yet, despite our best intentions, most of us retreat to our busy habits + our cluttered ways hours after returning home.

The first step to living a more intentional life isn’t Googling a quick fix. Seasoned minimalists know that in order to slow down (for good!) you must first identify why you’re so busy in the first place.

My guest this week is Jennifer Burger. Jennifer describes herself as a recovered shopaholic + workaholic who believes you can’t skirt around the hard, inner work.

On today’s show Jennifer shares her journey toward slow living; she offers 5 real reasons why your life is busy + cluttered, too.


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