Minimize: Blocking Spam Phone Calls

Spam phone calls are the devil. I tell “Microsoft” that I don’t know what a computer is and tell “credit card companies” that I would rather a higher interest rate than lower. But truthfully I just hate when my phone rings for these calls.

Enter Google Play store. I went through several tech articles and apps searching for the perfect app that would just send spam calls to voicemail.

Solution… Contacts Only

This app blocks all calls from non-contact numbers. You have the option to shut it off if you are waiting for phone calls (i.e. job opportunities, doctor’s offices with multiple numbers, etc.) and turn it back on with a click of a button.

3 thoughts on “Minimize: Blocking Spam Phone Calls

  1. I just let the call go to voice mail and if it is a legitimate call they will leave a message. If no message, I then block/spam the call. I would not like the app you mentioned as I would forget to pause it and then not only get the good call but also the bad. Lol

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  2. I have an android phone and one cool feature it had (built into the phone, not an app) is the screen call option. So when someone calls me, I can answer, decline or screen call. When you screen call, it answers the phone and says something like “this person is using a google call screening service, please start your name and why you are calling” and I can see the transcription of the conversation and click on responses that I want it to ask or I can pick up the call if it’s actually legit. Sometimes that is fun to do and other times I just let it go to voicemail. It also tells me when it’s probably spam and gives me the option to block it.

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