Daily Yoga Without Breaking the Bank

Yoga is a beautiful practice. Practicing daily is an amazing feeling. Your hips are open. You have less pain and tightness. Your stress is lower than usual. I am at 12 days in a row.

But let’s be honest… yoga could be very expensive! Here are some tips and tricks to practice daily for less than the cost of a couple yoga classes.

  • YouTube – Free
  • Amazon Prime – Sort of free but let’s be honest that membership includes free Prime shipping, Prime movies and TV shows, so the yoga part is maybe the cost of one yoga class.
  • YogaDownload – You could do a trial for $1 for two weeks and then it costs $12-18 a month (still less than a monthly yoga class). I scored a Black Friday deal and got a year for $60! There are also free classes!

While I still love to pop into a yoga class once a month, I love the freedom to practice any time with any style or length or teacher.


My little guy always has to be touching my yoga mat.

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