The Art of Buying Bananas

Raise your hand if you buy a bunch of bananas just to have them all rippen at the same time, then you can’t seem to finish them all, and you end up throwing them away or freezing them. 🖑 (oh that is me!)

Did you know that you could just rip off a couple bananas from different bunches? Cause if you did, thanks for sharing! 😃

If not, let me give you permission to do it. You are not breaking some rule. There is no sign saying you can’t do it. Just got for it!

This week I picked 2-3 from a bunch of green, semi ripe, and ripe bananas.

6 thoughts on “The Art of Buying Bananas

  1. I know people do this because there always a bunch of “singles” in the banana section. I have been using bananas in my morning smoothie so when they get to the perfect ripeness, I put them in the fridge – that halts the ripening process even though they do turn black fast, the inside stays the same. They last a few days in the fridge, long enough for me to throw them in a smoothie! I just hate it when all the bananas are far from ripe and even the “singles” aren’t there yet.

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  2. i like to let them ripen at home and never have i thrown one away as i dont buy that many at one time so as to consume them all.
    but, you are right. they are not sold by the bunch and are usually sold by the pound. or by each one.

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