Small Businesses and Farmers Markets

As a millenial, I rarely carry cash. The annoying part about cash is how inconvenient it is to get it from your bank. That and the fact that previously, I had no clue were the cash went so I used a debit or credit card in an effort to have some idea where it went.

If you have been following me along this year, you know that I am on a no shopping ban for this year. Now I fully understand where my money is going!

Getting to the point of this post, small business and farmer’s markets. I realized that my laziness is costing these businesses extra expenses in terms of credit card fees. As someone who sits in finance, I know that a small change can have a huge ripple effect.

I am asking you to consider joining me in the ONLY CASH for small businesses and farmer’s markets. Let’s start a movement! Let’s vote with our dollars! Let’s support the businesses that we believe in!

Are you in?

This weekend I stopped for cash to pay for my kayak rental. One small step forward.

4 thoughts on “Small Businesses and Farmers Markets

  1. That’s a good idea and a good point! I always try to keep at least a $20 with me at all times, in case of emergency and I need to get something and there card machine is down. Do you think small businesses prefer cards over checks or checks over cards?

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      1. The only issues with checks, I would think, are having to take them to the bank (unless they have an electronic check option) and the possibility that the check will bounce. With a card, the money goes through right away so a check is taking a little bit of a chance.

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  2. i use cash as much as i can and do so when i go to the farmers market or any small business as yes, they pay a % to have cards used. some even will give a cash discount. using a card does help keep track of where my $$ goes. and the bank will replace any unauthorized use of the card but never on the cash. lol

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