Best Podcast of the Week (8/12/2019) Could it be Fall?

Cool mornings and warm afternoons. This means that summer is nearing the end and fall is coming. For years I fought this change. I love summer! That was until I found a way to enjoy winter. Now I find the enjoyment out of all four seasons. There are perks in each season. The Best Podcast of the Week goes to the Lazy Genius episodes #69 and #70.


Show Notes: “August feels crazy because it is crazy. We’re one step into summer, one step into fall,
and feel like we’re going to fall over. Plus, our kids have been with us for 578 years and we need a break. In this episode, let’s reset our minds and change our posture a little. It’s okay for motherhood to be hard, but it doesn’t have to paint the entire
picture. If you’re home with kids, this episode is especially for you.”


Show Notes: “School is about to start, but it’s still technically summer. How do we transition between
seasons and schedules and stay present and all the things we hope for? Enjoy this episode about welcoming fall without aggressively leaving summer behind.”

5 thoughts on “Best Podcast of the Week (8/12/2019) Could it be Fall?

  1. It’s true that there is something good and something bad in every season. Fall is a part of the year which I enjoy the least. It gets darker quicker, the days seem gloomy, etc. I really like summer, but summer can be the rainy season in some parts of the world, which reminds me of fall. I’m trying NOT to hate summer right about now.

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