Book Review: The Stranger In The Woods – The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel


Found this book while vacationing in Maine and could not put it down once I started it.

Who thinks to abandon their life and basically never communicate with human life for 27 years? Or hope to never communicate with humans again? How does one decide to live in the woods all alone? How do you survive in the North Woods of Maine? Very interesting book!

If you can, take this book to a park or kayak on the water or a porch, just get outside and read this book!

I do not agree with some of the comments about the author. While it seemed like the author annoyed Knight and his family to understand and report on the story, almost anybody who came across Knight and his family would have annoyed them. I find no fault with the author. Knight agreed to meet with the author during his time in jail. Knight by his own doing responded to the author’s letters. Knight was not forced or cohorsed to have any interaction with the author.

P.S. I finished the second half of this book while floating in a nearby lake in a kayak. Seemed fitting.

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