Learn to Cheer for Your Fellow Humans

I am a runner.

I am competitive.

I am a badass.

I also know when people are upset when I beat them in a run.

Last week I set out to run a local trail that is 2.25 miles one way. As I was stretching another runner showed up. While this runner was stretching, I started. The other runner passed me for a brief moment. Then I passed the runner, held my lead, ran futher, turned around, and passed this runner again. That runner quit. They literally stopped. Left the trail visible upset.

This week I ran a different hill run in town. Some of the residents know me, shout words of encouragement, and even offer me bottles of water on hot days. Along this particular run this week, there were two people talking. I overheard the one say, “she runs up this hill every week.” Then one turned to me and say how strong I was to do it. Another person said I have very strong legs to make it up the hill because is it hard for them to walk up it.

All four of these people are men. The first one was insecure. The other three are awesome.

Being a woman I am acutely aware of how men respond to a strong, smart, and badass woman. Some want to be your partner and some are afraid and try anything to tear you down.

I will not run slower to make you feel better.

You want to beat me?

Then lace up, show up, and stop whining.

This applies in running and real life. I will not put myself down, to raise you up!

If someone can do something better for you, ask them how they got there. Figure out what is holding you back. Cheer on your fellow humans!

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