The Summer I Decided to Run 6+ Mile Long Runs (or Why I Quit Listening to Lies)

For years I switched between running and not running. I would get ready for a half marathon, run it, and quit. No injury. Just quit. For some reason the story in my mind was that I ran like a ballerina and I don’t sweat. That story came from my own mother.

Two and a half years ago, I decided to pursue a job that had very strict fitness standards. I hired a personal trainer, because I had no idea how to make a ballerina who didn’t sweat ready. I got to it. Whatever my trainer told me to do, I did. When he told me to run hills, I ran them. When he told me to do more pushups, I did them. Fairly certain he could have told me to do anything and I would have done it.

Flash forward to this spring. I was talking with my trainer about how I only run 6 miles (partially because I feared I would quit if I ran longer) and I ran a slow pace (like 2 minutes slower per mile than my race pace). I could not come up with a good reason. My trainer just smiled and said ok.

Then one Saturday in June I ran 7 miles! The next two Saturdays I ran 8 miles! Then 9 miles! And now 10 miles is my new norm (the time per mile fluctuates with hills and how I am feeling).

How did it happen? First, I stopped believing the story about running like a ballerina and sweating. Second, I tricked myself into running 6+ miles. The plus meant anything past 6 miles counted. Since I am a competitive, the + made me very motivated to run more each weekend.

What is the moral of this story? Be your own badass self. Make your OWN stories. Stop listening to others!

This picture is from my first year with my trainer as I started to find my inner badass athlete self!

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