Vacation Treat

A couple years ago, we reduced our cable package and I lost HGTV. Oh how I loved to binge watch all of their shows! At one point I convinced my husband we needed a larger house for all of our stuff and yet at the same time move into a tiny house. Don’t ask.

We looked at a dozen or so houses. The larger houses made me nervous. Move house to heat, cool, clean, and maintain. I literally woke up in a panic after looking at one house.

Flash forward a year post KonMari, we never moved and we have more space than I thought possible! Now I watch HGTV as a treat on vacation. My husband kindly reminds me that the people on HGTV can’t hear me yell “you don’t need more space, just KonMari your house!”

Do you have anything you do special on vacation as a treat?

This picture is part of a zip line/ ropes course in Saco, Maine.

2 thoughts on “Vacation Treat

  1. It always is the case that anytime we are on vacation and I’m watching TV at a hotel either Shark Tank or Friends is on. Shark Tank has pretty much become a vacation show… Even though I can watch it now, I don’t. It’s for vacation.

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