Vacation Motto: Treat Yourself like a Toddler

My 2019 theme is Family. I have been focusing hard on making memories while caring for myself and my family’s needs. This year we are going to vacation like a bunch of toddlers.

Regardless if you have your own kids or not, you have definitely seen a huge bag or two accompany a toddler stuffed with snacks and little comforts. This year our vacation has been planned as if we were toddlers. No more getting hangry or thirsty!

Road trip: Snacks, lunch, and drinks packed. No more looking at billboards wondering what and when we will eat.

Hotel: Again more snacks and drinks. A favorite toy for the furbaby. A book for me. And the remotes for my husband.

Vacation Plans: We will sleep, workout as usual, and do whatever we feel like when we feel like doing it.

Return Home: Stopping home to unload, turning the air conditioning on, and we all go to the grocery store (I go in while the rest stay in the car). Already have the following week’s meals prepped and planned. Will be picking up ready made dinners for that night.

Planning a vacation for toddlers really focuses on the pain points. For us it is the transition to and from vacation.

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