Book Review of Four Books

Been busy reading lately and wanted to post about the books I loved and liked.

Love: The Little Book of Lykke: The Danish Search for the World’s Happiest People by Meik Wiking is a delightful book about the Danish culture. I continue to be amazing at how one of the most highly taxed countries continues to be one of the most happy countries.

Love: Backlash by Brad Thor did not disappoint. Brad is a solid author that chronicles the challenges his main character Scott Harvath faces as he protects and defends against the evils of this world.

Like: Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark is a memoir about their lives. They threw in some My Favorite Murder podcast comedy but it wasn’t enough to make me love this book.

Love: Total Money Makeover by David Ramsey blew my mind! I have a plan in place to pay off my student loans before I retire!!! Wooohooo

P.S. still borrowing books from my local library and loving it!

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