Digital Minimalism Update

Since reading part of Cal Newport’s book titled Digital Minimalism, things have changed around here. I no longer have a beep, buzz, or any other noise for texts, emails, or anything besides phone calls. Except for my husband. I know when I receive a text from him.

I mean how am I supposed to read a book when my phone makes all of those sounds and I think to myself “oh my gosh, someone is hanging off a cliff and they need help!” But seriously, no text or email has even been close to that serious.

One friend inparticular took issue with the idea that she was not an exception. Saying she got really annoyed might be an understatement. She didn’t talk to me for two weeks. I held firm to my decision and reminded her that the phone option still works. She might be dropping off the friend list. #letspretenditis1999 #whereismycordedphone

The level of peace and calm is at an all time high for me. I am sleeping much better. Giving undivided attention to my family, friends, and co-workers. I feel less of an urge to look at my phone or give it much attention.

7 thoughts on “Digital Minimalism Update

  1. when out and about, i keep my phone sound on to hear alerts etc. at home i often place it in the silent mode. i dont have gobs of people contacting me and i really only want to hear from one person, so it is not like my phone is alerting a lot. i use my phone a lot for photos so it is always with me.

    keeping it on silent, i also do not hear when the spam calls come in. lol

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