Savings Goal Update: June 2019

Confession: Bought 5 dresses from ThredUp and Brad Thor’s new book, Backlash, all for free. Free because I used my credit card reward points that I earned by purchasing only approved items. However, I felt the urge to slip into the shopping. I just cashed out all of my rewards. The temptation is too great.

June kicked off my additional payments towards my car since I achieved my emergency fund goal in early June. I contributed 50% of my monthly savings goal towards my car. Next month I plan to contribute 100% of my savings goal towards my car.

What happened to the other 50% of my savings goal?

Drum roll please…. I failed. I am in the hole this month for savings. I was supposed to save $500. I am negative-$648.

Looking back at my spending there were several birthday celebrations that clearly cut into my savings goal at $350. I never budgeted for birthdays or vacation. I need to look into that soon. The remaining $300 went for landscaping that was unbudgeted but pre-approved.

Found this hike picture fitting for June. Half way there to the end of the no shopping year.

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