Packing for Vacation

This over packing former hoarder is taking her first week long trip this summer since coming to minimalism.

  • Do I pack really light and do laundry mid trip?

  • Can I use a smaller suitcase than usual?

  • What do I need to take versus what could I buy there (i.e groceries)?

  • If I start well in advance, will that help my goals or will I sabotage them?

We are going for a total of 5 days and 4 nights to a populated area near hiking trails and civilization (there is a Wal-Mart in town so that has to count for something). I plan on going for two runs (need running shoes), family walks (need my comfy slip on shoes), some hikes (need my trail shoes), lifting twice (have a pair of shoes for that), and always need sandals. We are into good food but not the dressy affair stuff. We love to relax by the hotel pool and catch up on some TV shows/books. The weather should be similar to home or maybe a little cooler.

How would you pack for a trip like mine? Please comment with your suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Packing for Vacation

  1. I always take a suitcase on trips, one that has to be checked because it’s too big for carry-on. It makes it easy to include everything I want and has room for souvenirs if needed. I only do laundry when a trip is over a week. I probably could use a smaller bag but it’s easier to just use the big one and not worry about it too much.

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  2. i try to combine, like, a pair of shoes that can do multiple functions. if away for 4 days or more, do laundry so it is easier to pack on way home. i usually pack more than i need as weather can throw things into a tizzy. no full size toilet items. but the main thing about getting away is to have fun and relax

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