Minimalism Got me Here: Getting Away from the Screens

Just finished a 7.2 mile hike along beautiful water falls and fairly challenging terrain with my amazing and beautiful friend. We met up at 7am ready to take on the challenge. Once we arrived, I privately decided not to see nature through a screen today. She wanted to capture many photos. No judgement here. In fact, I asked her if she would be the official photographer of the hike after a dozen or so pictures.

She took the picture taking duty very seriously and the pictures turned out great. But she missed a couple things along the way.

Like this little creature.

And a decorative rock that I am told requires a Facebook post and to be placed in a new spot. I plan to mail this rock to my niece. She told me all about these rocks.

As I was washing up after the hike, I decided to shut off one more notification on my phone. I want to enjoy this summer of minimalism and love intentionally. Now the only contact that I will know about receiving a text from is my husband.

Enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “Minimalism Got me Here: Getting Away from the Screens

  1. I hadn’t thought about this until I saw your post but that could be a reason to get a regular camera instead of using a cell phone. You get the disconnection but can still take photos… To me, that’s a big thought because I hadn’t considered it like that before. P.S. That’s a gorgeous waterfall!

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  2. what a cool place for a walk. would you mind sharing where this is?
    i take my phone and a small camera when i go out and about. to me, to take a photo enhances my experience when out hiking/walking. i think i “see” more when i do take a camera.


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