Minimalism Got me Here: Did I Really Just Say No?

Been thinking a lot about stress lately, its impact on my body, and how often I say no in an effort to take care of myself. Sometimes no just rolls off my tongue like “oh fudge” rolled off Ralphie’s tongue in The Christmas Story. It shocks me at times too!

I grew up in a family that you said yes to everything regardless how you felt. If you were tired and needed sleep, you would still say yes to a request. If you had other plans in mind, you would still say yes to a request. If the request came from a family or church member, you had better say yes with the up most enthusiasm and excitement.

Growing up was terrible for an introvert, who likes time alone to recharge and relax, and whose parents cared more about outward appearances than anything. They created a people pleasing/hating person until I learned to say no.

Thankfully times have changed. I found my voice. Saying no is my favorite guilty pleasure.

Now I say no to the whiny co-worker when they want someone to commiserate with them. I say no to extended family when their requests do not fit into my schedule. I say no to friends when I am too tired. I offer alternatives and compromises at times.

I guess when you clean your physical clutter out of your life, cleaning out the metal clutter becomes easier each day! Thank goodness I picked up The Happiness Project from Gretchen Rubin back in November 2015! I wanted to change and her book appeared!

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