Best Podcast of the Week (6/24/2019)

Plastic Free July? Trash going to the landfill? Best Podcast of the Week goes to The Sustainable Minimalist Podcast.

Show Notes:

It’s 2019 + Americans are crazy about recycling.

We separate our trash in airports. In office buildings. Inside schools.

We assume our garbage is properly disposed of; we expect that our plastics, papers + aluminum actually gets recycled.

The reality is we shouldn’t be thrilled about recycling; we shouldn’t assume the good men + women in waste management follow best environmental practices, either.

Think landfills are benign? Think again. On today’s episode I uncover the current state of waste management in the United States (Spoiler Alert: It isn’t pretty).

Next I outline 6 reasons why, exactly, recycling isn’t as fabulous as we want it to be; I offer ideas as to how ordinary citizens can be part of the solution (instead of major players in the problem!), too.


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