Who am I?

I am an older millennial born towards the beginning of the generation. I remember telling time by the church bells and street lights. I can still feel the pains of hand writing reports and using encyclopedia books for research. I remember when modern, colorful video games came out, my first computer in elementary school, and my first cell phone around high school graduation.

I hate dealing with terrible customer service (yes, you cable company please invent an app so I don’t have to call). I love shopping at stores that have an experience, where we are on a first name basis (yes, even you Wal-Mart grocery pick-up).

I grew up in a house full of fancy, don’t touch, random stuff. My parents were proud to stuff their home with these non-sentimental things (I was responsible for dusting it all, so really I call it crap!).

When I got married, the family was shocked when I didn’t register for China and crystal. I was told that my registry was too basic so one family member got me bed sheets that needed to be ironed (never used them!).

I do have things. My things are treasures that spark joy and excitement when I see them. I am thankful for what I have each day. I enjoy experiences over stuff. I love good food at home rather that most restaurants.

I schedule self care time. I enjoy saying yes and saying no. When I say yes, you get 100% of me. I know what I am capable of fitting into my schedule and when I am maxed. I love to meditate. I practice gratitude by listing five things that I am grateful for each night. I am a proud millennial!

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