Are Millennials Lazy or Smart?

Me: After work I have to go pick up my Wal-Mart order.

Coworker: You’re lazy.

Me: Nope, I am smart. I have more time to do things I really enjoy.

Coworker: (rolls eyes)

How often does this happen to you? Please tell me I am not the only one. Ok, fine in my co-worker’s defense she is not a minimalist and does not seem to stop to smell the roses. She comes from the Baby Boomer generation
that Wikipedia kindly describes as “
this generation also has been criticized often for its increases in consumerism which others saw as excessive.”

For me, using the drive-up Wal-Mart grocery order option allows me extra time to do things that really spark joy for me (thanks Marie Kondo) and price compare without driving myself nuts by driving all over town. I order
simply what we need for the week. I avoid marketing gimmicks. Because of millennials (probably other generations too) we created jobs (think personal shopping and grocery delivery from the store to your car).

6 thoughts on “Are Millennials Lazy or Smart?

  1. not lazy.

    many stores are doing this and have delivery too. though you do miss some unadvertised specials if you dont go in. i look in the meat clearance area of my food store each time i go in and generally get great deals. my food store sells extra extra jumbo shrimp for $3 each. but i sometimes find them in a package of 6-8 for $6! deal!!! plus, i have gotten to know the staff and they me and they often alert me to deals. cant do that online and drive up pickup.

    also, by going in, i pass by the flower dept and get to “smell the roses” and any other flowers. also get to smell the fresh baked bread and the rotisserie chicken. and since my store has a starbucks inside and my bank, i can multitask. lol

    btw…im not a even close to being a millennial. lol and yes i can learn new tricks. lol


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