Minimized the Skincare Routine

Remember Glamor Shots? Growing up I always secretly wanted to get dressed up, have my make up done, and pose for my own Glamor Shots. Instead my mother forced me to go to J.C. Penny’s each year. Now looking back at the memes created from those pictures, I am thankful.

Today my morning routine is very simple. I wash my face with Keys Soap, tone with apple cider vinegar and water, moisturize with avocado oil, add beet blush, and mascara from Kiss Freely. Occasionally I use a tinted moisturizer by Physicians Formula when I want to be fancy.

3 thoughts on “Minimized the Skincare Routine

  1. I was just talking to some co-workers about Glamour Shots last week! Your skincare routine is probably so much simpler than some but still sounds complicated to me… I just wash my face and put lotion on (and usually it’s not even a specific face lotion, just a full body lotion).

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      1. It works for me because I’m really lazy… Haha! I also hate doing my hair so I’m very minimal in that regard, too.

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