Savings Goal Update: May 2019

I double checked and triple checked the numbers. The results are in that I saved 261% of my goal! It took a couple days for that to sink in. I am now 2% away from achieving my emergency fund goal.

After thinking my finances through, I decided that once my emergency fund is at my goal now all saved money will do directly on my car loan.

Another moment of *OH MY GOSH PINCH ME* happened when I set up the additional payment transfer at my bank. With this additional money, I will be able to have my car paid off in less than 2 years! (Check out the Mortgage Payoff Track app on Android for an easy to use amortization schedule.) I will owe a vehicle for the first time in my life!!!

To Cait Flanders: Because of you, I am finally a responsible adult with money!

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