Best Podcast of the Week (5/13/2019)

The Sustainable Minimalist Podcast wins the award this week!

Ready to declutter your closet?

When it comes to our wardrobes, the most sustainable practice is to wear what we already own. Donating clothes contributes to textile pollution; as such, it’s prudent to wear + re-wear our garments until they’re thoroughly worn out.

But what if we have a closetful of items we simply aren’t wearing?

If we’re being honest, what if we have a wardrobe comprised of garments we’ll never wear again?

Amanda Warfield is a capsule wardrobe expert who argues that the average woman only wears 20% of her closet, 80% of the time. That’s because we naturally gravitate toward the few items that fit our unique body type + make us feel fabulous. Conversely, we shy away from pieces that don’t quite fit or bum us out.

When decluttering your closet, here are the 7 items you’ll want to keep but can (+ should!) responsibly let go/

Check out the link to the show notes for an easy map on what to keep vs toss from your closet!

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