Breaking up with my Phone: Part 1

Made some changes recently in an effort to break up with my phone.

  • Analog clock in every room – no excuse that I needed my phone to check the time.
  • No phone in the bedroom – found the perfect alarm clock that shows the current and alarm time on the same screen.

  • No phone between 7pm and 7am except if the phone rings. I set up this automatic response to all text messages. Now there is no fear of upsetting someone because I didn’t respond immediately.

Taking a break from tech šŸ“±šŸ’» until tomorrow morning. Phone ā˜Žā˜šŸ“ž calls are welcomed!

Making progress!

4 thoughts on “Breaking up with my Phone: Part 1

  1. Sometimes more stuff isnā€™t necessarily something bad. Getting a clock, even though our phones are also clocks, helps us to reduce our reliance on our phones.

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  2. I’ll probably need two. 1 for back up just in case the primary alarm clock dies on me. Not very minimalist though šŸ˜€


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