Home: Vacation or Burden

When I first moved out, I moved into this small apartment above a garage behind my cousin’s grandmother’s lake house. It was fully furnished with all the glitz and glam of 1970s. If I walked down the driveway and across the road, I was sitting on the dock. Every day felt like a summer vacation.

The following summer I moved to an apartment closer to work, right next to a busy highway, without a yard, and no lake. For years I longed to return back to this summer vacation feeling.

This week our home turned into my dream summer vacation. I noticed the smell of dirt, the impending rain, and I felt this sense of summer vacation ease as I walked up the steps to the porch with a book in hand.

No we did not move. We simply (well lots of sweat involved) decluttered our lives and our home. We are surrounded by the things we love. We do the things that bring us joy. We now have our summer vacation feeling.

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