Savings Goal Update: April 2019

My month started with the “How on earth did I get a food stain on my dress???” After I KonMari’d/ Project 333’d my wardrobe, this stain was a huge problem for me. I only wear black or mostly black dresses. Now I needed to replace my black and white stripped dress.

Problem solved!

ThredUp had one my signature dresses on sale. I could not be happier. It ended up being dark gray so look out. I am living on the wild side!

Then spring started and so did my plans for using rocks instead of mulch and some low maintenance perennials. I am really going for the minimal effort here.

These purchases were already preapproved at the end of last year.

Expenses/revenue beyond the necessities/paycheck:

  • – fix purse straps
  • – rock, perennials, and border edging
  • – introduction to SQL class
  • + tuition rembursment for class finished in March but paid in December

Drum roll on my savings goal… 200%!

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