Stop the Default Response of No

Now that I have decluttered my stuff and life, I find that I do in fact have more time to say yes.

  • Yes, I can meet you for a walk.
  • Yes, let’s watch a movie.
  • Yes, let’s go for a bike ride.
  • Yes, to reading a book.
  • Yes, to myself.
  • Yes, to my family.
  • Yes, to my friends.

However, I still struggle and have to catch myself defaulting with “no, I have blah blah blah to do.”

I am an introvert so in reality I do not want to say yes to everything. Instead I am working to have the default response be “give me a minute to think about what is going on.” Then I can make a mindful and meaningful decision.

I always say yes to family snuggles!

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