3 Tips to Make Money When Shopping for Essential Items

Despite my approved shopping list being pretty basic, we still need food, household essentials, and sometimes replace things that break. Since I am shopping less, each purchase seems to come with a great burden to find the best. The best product at the best deal and get the most cash back. Enter my 3 tips that make me money when shopping. It goes without saying that you have to first find the item at the best price.

  1. Shop through Mr. Rebates. This site literally gives you cash back on hotels, flights, big box stores, specially stores, and sometimes memberships. Redoing a room? Shop through Mr. Rebates and pick up in the store. Doing a Target run? Shop through Mr. Rebates
    and pick it up at the store.
  2. Learned about Gift Card Granny on the Frugal Friends Podcast and it is legit. I have purchased used and new gift cards (at a DISCOUNT!!!) for my online shopping needs through Gift Card Granny. Note: You generally do not get the used gift cards immediately so plan to give it a day or two.
  3. Credit card rewards. If you are in the process of paying down your credit cards SKIP this step right now. After paying mine off over a year ago, I started using 1 credit card a money for my approved shopping items this year, paying off the balance either as I go or at the end of the cycle (do not pay interest!). I love seeing my cash rewards build up!

Do you have other tips or hacks to earn free money while shopping?

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