Savings Goal Update: February and March 2018

Fake budgeting works! Before you lose your mind, check out my post about fake budgeting. It clearly works when you see how I did with my “>monthly savings goal.

During February, I needed to replace some clothing and spent about $200. I was annoyed but when your sports bra is pulling a rib bone because it got too tight, you just have to replace them all. Then for some reason I felt that I fell off the savings train in March when I found deals for some bulk purchases like Clif Builders for $6 less a box than local stores.

During February I was able to reach my goal and save 100% of my goal. My fake budgeting method was implemented mid month and worked with having money out of sight.

I exceeded March’s goal and saved 140% of my goal! That is right! This fake budgeting, former shopaholic saved 140% of her savings goal!


While I am curious on what I spent this money on in the past, I refuse to beat myself up over it. Instead I am thankful that I learned and have the opportunity to save money.  This is all thanks to “>Cait Flanders and her book “>The Year of Less!

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