The Beginning: Savings Goal Update for January 2019

January started off a bit rocky and harder than I expected. I found myself trying to convince my husband to spend money jointly, which did not work at all since he could not understand why a working Ninja needed replaced. Then all of a sudden I felt that I needed a new wardrobe despite the fact that I already knew my closet was full of clothes that sparked joy.

Breaking up with my shopping addiction appeared to be harder than expected. About as hard as breaking up with sugar cane with months of withdrawl.

I went to NYC to tour the Manhattan Public Library and walk around The Strand bookstore with a friend. If you have never been to The Strand bookstore think about the possibility of purchasing one out of 2.5 million books! And book purchases ranked #1 on the Non Essential aka the Forbidden Shopping List.

My husband dared me to buy something. If I did not, then he would make me a steak dinner. Well Christmas Story Triple Dog Dare me to break my goal. It was on! I survived NYC with only purchasing subway and bus tickets to get around!

Rather than purchasing books, I simply added those titles to my Goodreads list to rent from my local library.

January ended with only saving 80% of my monthly goal. I am still calling this a win because this might be the first time in my life that I saving that much in one month.

On to February!

Well played Strand, well played!

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