How to KonMari with a Furbaby

Hello Humans!

This is Hemi and my Mommy said I could be a guest blogger. Oh boy! I hope I get ice cream!

After my Mommy read the Marie Kondo books, she helped me go through my toys cause honestly I didn’t play with all of them. She would take out a toy from my basket, say take it (that’s my phase if it is something I want so don’t try and give me a lemon and say take it!), and I only took toys I liked.

It was pretty painless. I mean going to the vet is the worst!

Now I play with my toys more often! Plus I donated my other toys to the place where puppies wait for homes. My Mommy said it is the SPCA. That’s where I came from!

Ok, I must go sit nice and cute for the camera cause there is always a treat at the end!

Catch you later Humans!

ā¤ Hemi šŸ¾šŸ¾

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