I love reading, writing, puppy snuggles, running, family walks, and all things beautiful and minimal.  I am a millennial that hates paper napkins, waste, and what else did millennials kill?  I grew up without cell phones and telling time by church bells and street lights.  Avocados, yoga, and meditation are my thing.  I love experiences over stuff. 

Paying it Forward

Paying it forward. Let me start off my acknowledging the fact that I am very privileged to make the suggestion on paying it forward. My job sent me to work at home over two weeks ago. I have been able to maintain my current salary. As a result, I have given myself a mission to … Continue reading Paying it Forward

2020 Theme: Slow Cooking

Thankfully that I picked Slow to be my 2020 theme. Not sure how my mind develops these ideas but I am grateful that this idea came to me and I accepted this idea. Maybe it’s like the Big Magic that Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about. Today I am here to writ about slow cooking. When I … Continue reading 2020 Theme: Slow Cooking

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